Feather and Skull

Feather and Skull

About Feather and Skull

Feather and Skull was created and founded by free spirit, fashion stylist Noel Bores Walker. Noel’s dream began by pursuing a career in fashion design while attending The Art Institute of Seattle. During that time she discovered a love for designing jewelry and began creating pieces for friends and family. Noel’s designs quickly gained the interest of boutique owners around the Seattle area and she began selling pieces to them to be featured in their shops. She then realized she could combine doing what she loved into her career and in 2010 Noel opened Feather and Skull as an Etsy store and so began the journey~

Anyone who know’s Noel know’s that she is a very passionate person. She draws her inspiration for Feather and Skull from many of those passions which include her love of music, fashion, travel, running, yoga, nature, and adventure in life. She is influenced by each of these things as she designs and creates each piece for Feather and Skull. Noel is also greatly inspired and influenced by the amazing people she’s surrounded by. Her husband who is a carpenter and furniture designer. Her Parents who are both very musical and artistic, raised Noel to value a love for both and to believe in every possibility. Her brother who is also very musical, and by each of her friends. Without these positive and supportive influences and without their love Feather and Skull would not be what it is today.

Noel believes that a positive attitude creates a positive life and you can feel that through her true bohemian spirit and through her label Feather and Skull… Jewels for the gypsy soul.

Feather and Skull

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