About Corda

Why support Corda?

Corda is built on the belief that it is better to teach a man to fish than to give him one. Giving people life-sustaining, confidence boosting, independence generating JOBS can do more to improve the life of a person in poverty than a donation. Providing the opportunity people need to life themselves out of poverty also provides pride and self confidence and ensures they will stay out of poverty in the future.

Why should I buy rope sandals?

Rope sandals belong in every closet because there is a wanderer, dreamer, and explorer in all of us! Rope sandals bring you back to nature, inviting you to see new sights, take in another sunset, and go on more adventures!

Why Ethiopia?

In Dustin’s adventures living in a van in Europe, he met a woman who supports an orphanage in Ethiopia. After spending a month in that orphanage Dustin realized that many orphans turning 18 had no opportunities leaving the program, so he wanted to do something about it.  Ethiopia has very high unemployment rates is also a global shoe production hub allowing us to source more materials locally.

Why rope sandals?

One of the original Corda founders was obsessed with rope sandals. There’s something about rope sandals that can’t be beat! They form to your feet making them the most comfortable shoes you will ever wear! On top of that they are one raw material and all hand made which made them a great product to provide jobs to a community in need.

What do others have to say about it? 

I love what Corda stands for. Instead of being an organization that goes and helps out and then returns to their cushy lives, Corda is teaching life skills. Corda is allowing people to sustain themselves, learn valuable skills, and providing hope were it may have been scarce before. Corda is more than a brand, it is the beginning of a movement of individuals who cannot stand to see the world broken. It is a group of servants who can no longer bear to see a hurting world and do nothing about it.” — @Hanfniel

Your idea is just the best way to help people from Third Wolrd countries. Making them participated in their development is important. Too many international NGOs offer them what they need as clothes, food, … which is helpful in certain condition but by doing that they are crashing locals industries in some countries. So I love Corda, I love your initiative, and I hope that one day I will be able to do the same with the community I will be living with. — @juliettejacques

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