Xaura the Label

Xaura the Label


Xaura represents the feeling you get when you know you’re wearing beautiful clothes that change the lives of those who made them for the better. Derived from “aura”, the energy that surrounds us, and at the crossroads of Eastern and Western cultures (“x”), we hope to make you feel the spirit of crafters of today and before, who continue to live through the passing on their exquisite traditional crafts. Feminine embroidery and block printing are centre to our designs and are hand applied to every piece. We embrace a slower, kinder and more mindful system of production with limited edition pieces as we keep our runs small to not over-produce.

Our mantra is “to empower craft driven communities through the revival of ethical handmade fashion that makes you feel beautifully unique”

“After having worked in the fashion industry for 10 years, Xaura was born. My love for traveling, nature, mindfulness and conscious living has enabled me to express myself, and share the desire to make you feel special in Xaura” – Kavita Patel

Ethics at Heart

Xaura supports slower fashion, the kind created through ethical hand made products which represents a way of living and means of livelihood for some communities. We want to ensure that we support and give credit to them. For this reason, we have a close relationship with our factories who operate on a small-scale production to support small businesses.

As they are a smaller factory they are not able to provide certificates by third-party controller due to the high cost of such audits. This does not mean that they do not strive to perform best practices, and together we cooperate to achieve fair working conditions. We have signed an agreement with our factories to state that there is fair and safe labour, health, and fair wages. We have assessed their environmental impact report thoroughly, and visit our factories regularly to maintain trust and transparency. While we may not be perfect, we strive to improve together.

We are also aware of the environmental issues of fast fashion and are aiming to be a more sustainable brand by making limited, seasonless pieces that are designed keeping in mind versatility so that every piece can be worn with each other to get the maximum usage out of the garments.

We try and reduce our waste by recycling fabric scraps into bags/hang tags/bookmarks and forever thinking of creative ways to reduce the impact on the environment. Working with only 100% sustainable fabrics is what we aim to do in the near future.


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