Barefoot Blonde Collection

Barefoot Blonde Collection

About Barefoot Blonde Collection

Barefoot Blonde Collection represents a love of carefree exploration, relaxation and travel.

Mel and Nat, creative directors and best friends for over 20 years met in their first job working on the drive through at Hungry Jacks. Besties from the start, their lust for life, hardworking nature and love for fashion kept them connected over the years.

Both spent their early twenties exploring the world. Mel, an entrepreneur at heart, has run several thriving businesses creating an enviable lifestyleBarefoot Blondes. Nat studied film & TV, working in the field in London before taking a more corporate structure back in Oz. Whilst their careers took very different paths, they studied fashion together several years ago and finally turned their dream into a reality.

Barefoot Blonde Collection design their pieces in Australia and ethically produce their designs in Bali, Indonesia. Quantities are provided in small batches and replenished if in demand meaning minimal impact the environment.

Their bohemian designs are made from quality materials and created as easy to wear pieces for weekend wandering, holiday dreaming and festival frolicking.

They have always been of the belief that you can’t put a price on feeling good and hope you love wearing the collection as much as they enjoy creating them. xxx

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