Bohemian Diesel marketplace is for the ones with flowers in their hair, sand between their toes, messy hair and thirsty hearts, the daydreamers and free spirits, earth children, nomads, cactus lovers, the ones who are dancing in the moonlight, creative souls, sun worshippers, wanderers, turquoise & feather lovers, desert roses, wild ones & stevie nicks fans



Bohemian Diesel was created in 2013 by earth child and wolf mama Sabrina Zeltenhammer. Sabrina’s mother was the epitome of a free spirit; She was child of the 60s and 70s; So the love and sense for bohemian style and living was given her as a gift in the cradle. When she was 18 her wanderlust began to drag her to far away places and after a few years of traveling, where she met so many rare soul and amazing artists, she started the Bohemian Diesel blog, almost like a scrapbook, for all the beautiful things she has discovered on her travels.

Bohemian Diesel became much bigger and grew much faster as she ever imagined; With her website she created a place where she gathers all of her favorite designers, photographers and artists and which allows her to work and collaborate with some of the most famous and beautiful bohemian inspired labels and amazingly talented creatives.

Now, over 3 years after Sabrina started this little project, it was time for something new. Because of that and all the requests Bohemian Diesel gets since the beginning about where to find the Bohemian Diesel store or where to buy the pieces shown in the blogposts Sabrina had the idea to create her own shop, a marketplace where she would like to „unite” all the designers, labels and artists she discovered within the last years, all the shops she loves.

So welcome to Bohemian Diesel Marketplace, we hope you enjoy it and we promise you that this is only the beginning….


love & light