ItÂŽs time to introduce an other amazing artist you to.
The beautiful and talented Bec from Binx Designs.
As soon as I found her account on Instagram I fell in love.
So I wrote her to ask if she would answer a few question about
her artwork, and she did. 🙂

So who are you and what do you do? put it simply I’m Bec (affectionately known as ‘Binx’) ..and I create things,
largely in the form of art, I wish existed – resulting in my own little art label
‘Binx Designs’
How did you get into art?
I first got into creating when I kind of realised – it wasn’t the only thing I’m good at,
but it was definitely the front-runner by far! I come from a really creative family who
all have a killer eye for detail, so I’ve just always been exposed to super creative souls
– I really don’t know any other way of being!

Where do you get your inspiration from?
..wowsers – where do I start?! ..I am very inspired by fashion photography, by beautiful
faces and poses for sure, by hands, by nature.. I love pattern, fabric, retro and vintage
anything, and finding objects you wouldn’t normally view as pieces of art is also rather
inspiring to me, I enjoy the challenge of making them into something people would be
proud to hang on their walls, something a passer through might stop and ask you how
you came by such an object, something that has intrigue/a story..What do you like about your work?
..talking up myself or my works is, believe it or not, not something that comes naturally
to me. However one thing I do like about my work is that I feel as though it is a perfect
balance between abstract and realistic elements – abstract enough that you can see my
technique, you can see the hand of the artist at work, yet realistic enough that you don’t
loose sight of what it is, what it’s meant to be about.. I also strive for a sense of freedom
in my works, a sense of imagination, light and whimsy.
Is there anything you donÂŽt like about it?
..not having enough hours in a day to paint endlessly would be a drawback for sure! It
gets difficult sometimes to juggle art deadlines whilst keeping places stocked with
fresh and interesting work amongst many other commitments – but my work is very
important to me, its like a compulsion really! A personal thing in which I find great
comfort and self-assurance. It’s the one thing I know inside out, something that really
allows me to explore my own identity and if all goes wrong its like a big safety net –
nothing can ever go wrong when I’m creating, so I guess there’s very little to dislike!

Do you have a dream project?
I have oh so many many dream projects, some of which I know are going to become
realities (so I wont ruin the surprise just yet!) ..but just some on my ever-growing list
include: more mural type works and large scale projects, markets, markets and more
markets, exhibitions, collaborative exhibitions and I would also love love love to
deck out/artistically attack a van with all manner of amazing artwork both inside and
out! ..However, at the end of the day my major major goal is to open up a shop
(be it bricks and mortar or online) ..where I can sell work, collaborate, experiment
with ideas, give old pieces new life and just basically produce and support the arts
in all there many varied forms till my hearts content! ..but at the moment my stock
is selling much too fast for me to even think about any of that! – which is something
I am very grateful for indeed

What would you do without art?
..At the moment I would have to say that without art I would indeed have ‘a lot’ of free
time on my hands! a ‘day off’ for me just simply doesn’t exist, I am constantly on
the go either planning new works, collecting materials, organizing my studio, moving
pieces around town, photographing my works etc! ..without art in my life it would be
a pretty dull kind of existence for sure! However other career options at one point or
another have been either teaching or having some sort of role taking care of animals
which was always a childhood love of mine – but art, art’s definitely where it’s at!

Totally into everything she is doing!
Go and check out the wunderful world of Binx on intagram and facebook!