Ever since her amazing shoot for faint magazine (one of my first posts) I have a huge crush on model Christina Dietze. 
Yesterday I once again landed on her instagram and stumbled upon Chance and the Arrow which she is modelling for. 
Chance and the Arrow is a collaborative project between artist Benjamin Portas, photographer Rahel Weiss and 
stylist Lauren Dietze.
The project is an exploration of the Major Arcana of the Tarot, which comprises of 22 cards that will be unveiled in 
consecutive instalments. The Major Arcana is collectively symbolic of the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual 
aspects of humankind. This collaboration was born out of the artists desire to expand beyond their traditional mediums. 
Chance and the arrow is an assembly of a progressive Tarot, with a glimpse into the metaphysical and the occult. 
14 cards are unveiled so far, can´t wait for the next!