photography by Dana Trippe Dana Trippe - real artworkphotography and mixed media by Dana Trippephotographer Dana Trippemodels shot by Dana Trippe photos by Dana Trippe Dana Trippe - based in San Diego Dana Trippe - piece of art Dana Trippe - amazing shootsDana Trippe - somewhere differentphotographer Dana TrippeDana Trippe - photographer based in San DiegoDana Trippe - media and photography photography by photographer Dana TrippeDana Trippe - a piece of art photographer Dana Trippe made an awesome shoot artwork by Dana TrippeDana Trippe is an expert for photographyDana Trippe - found a new way of photographyDana Trippe found a nice backdrop to shootDana Trippe - photography and mixed mediaphotography and mixed media by Dana Trippe

San Diego based creative Dana Trippe is my new art crush! I´m so totally in love with her work and love to follow her journey.

Check out more of Dana´s amazing work on tumblr and instagram or shop her prints on etsy.

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