fine art by Deanna Lankin art by Deanna Lankinartist Deanna Lankin Deanna Lankin - paintingDeanna Lankin - feather painting by Deanna LankinDeanna Lankin - flower child fine art by Deanna Lankin

Deanna Lankin grew up in a small lake town near London, Ontario where she completed the Studio Practice & Art Specialist Program at the Bealart Institute.  She has spent the last decade living and painting on the Westcoast of Vancouver Island, dividing her time between Tofino and Victoira where she currently lives with her beautiful daughter, Lily.
There is a specific moment that I constantly seek.  It happens most often when I’m alone…usually in nature.  I’ve found it easily while surfing.  It’s in-ignorable when I’m sitting under an old growth cedar or standing on an empty shoreline.  It’s more subtle (but no less powerful) when I pause during my day to watch my daughter playing quietly.  It’s always humbling and it’s hard for me to describe.
As an artist I’ll never stop striving to capture it.”

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artist and mother Deanna Lankin