Mary Herreracollages by Mary Herreraart by Mary Herreraartwork by Mary Herrera artist Mary Herrera by Mary Herrera universe by Mary Herrera Mary Herrera - girl in the woods  deer by Mary Herreranative by Mary Herrera   vintage collage - Mary Herrera mermaid by Mary Herrera collages by Mary Herrera

Using collages to express her fascination with mysticism, femininity, and the divine goddess, Mary Herrera creates unique blends of images that reveal the duality between human consciousness and unconsciousness.  Mary uses real-world images in her art, pulling materials from vintage magazines, old photographs, and antique books. Through her work, Mary has found a balance between the ever-elusive realms of magic and reality. Claiming a vision that is ethereal yet decidedly earthy and real, Mary’s art speaks volumes about beauty and femininity, as well as the burden of being human in this shimmering entangglement of time and space.  In the stars there lies aninfinite truth while on earth we can only gather flowers, feel the trees, and gaze upward at the vast glimmer, searching for answers. Mary’s art is part of the search and part of answer. .

“The idea of pasting, layers, on top of layers is EVERYTHING, just like existence.
The human body, the earth, galaxies, music, the Universe are all one collective collage.”  Mary Herrera 

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