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Silken Road collection
photography Kacie Tomita
model Jane Anne Thomas
styling Tracy Conti McCarty
mu Jennifer Alden
clothing Jaclyn Hodes, Willow Knows, Mercy Vintage Scout
Gladys Tamez

I’m following Ghost Dancer for quite a while now and I fall in love with every single piece jewelry designer & weaver Rhiannon Griego creates. Her hand produced jewelry and woven textiles are nspired by the reveries of jewelry throughout antiquity and  ritual adornments of indigenous culture, Ghost Dancer unveils her vision of uniting the past and present.

Her latest release, Silken Roads, is a delicate and innovative union between jewelry and textile art. A year in the making, this collection represents a branch of reinvention in style and the living artwork we embody as we dress daily. Rhiannon’s intention is to stimulate the wearer into identifying with time as a precious commodity and offer a direct connection of energetic gifting through handmade work. Silken Roads was inspired by the earliest voyage of silks from East to West and the impression this luxurious fiber would have on the western world.

If you want to find out more about this Ghost Dancer collection have a look here or follow Rhiannon on instagram.