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Ghost Town by Stephan Würth

Ever since I discoverd the first pics of the in 2011 released book “Ghost Town” by Munich born photographer Stephan Würth I am obsessed with it. The book is the result of Stephan’s lifelong fascination with the American West and the isolation and freedom of infinite desert horizons, and as I totally share this love with him it´s long overdue that I show you his work and this book. It narrates a dream of three women as they journey through Nevada, where they soon find themselves stranded with a broken-down car on the side of a desolate road. What happens next is the story that unfolds in Ghost Town. Stephan shot this book over seven days on black-and-white Kodak Tri-X film, the images were scanned for the book from 16 x 20 inch hand developed prints and never retouched.

So good!!!

If you like to check out more of his work have a look at his website here.


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