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art by Sarah Haywood

Sarah Haywood creates photographs using a medium called Light Painting. Light Painting is an artfully designed, photographic technique that pairs long exposures and carefully choreographed motion using a handheld light at night. Light from the Sun – reflected by the Moon – illuminates various landscapes that serve as beautiful backdrops to the hand-painted text. Contrary to what many believe, the text is not photoshopped, nor added in post production. All photographs are taken between sunset and sunrise.

Moon Scribe was miraculously born from the embers of an earlier fire found near Giant Rock in Landers, CA. Pulling brightly lit sticks from the lasts breaths of the fire, Sarah and her friends filled the night sky with trails of red glowing light. As she captured the radiant play through the open lens of a camera, her passion for light painting was ignited and Moon Scribe was born.

Sarah hopes her inspirational photographs will ignite a fire of remembrance within you. Let them serve as a reminder of your true nature – wild, free, and full of universal light.

“To shift consciousness, cultivate awareness, inspire creation, art and lasting change. To open hearts, raise vibrations, heal and love myself so fully that I may be a living, breathing example for the next generation. To help shift from a patriarchy to a matriarchy, empower women, help the feminine rise and reclaim their power. To be a steward of the Earth, bringing awareness to her cry and begin honoring, respecting, and preserving the abundance and gifts that she offers.  To promote peace, balance, harmony, connection, opportunities and healing amongst my community and all the individuals I encounter. To inspire others to step into your power, own their gifts, connect to their highest self, truth, and purpose so they can share their unique medicine with the world.”

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