Nomad two Worlds is a great project, it  began with a collaboration project between Australian photographer Russell James and Australian Indigenous artists. It has since expanded into additional cultural collaborations worldwide, established the Nomad Two Worlds Foundation, and evolved into a socially responsible global business whose mission is two-fold:

To raise awareness of the beauty and rich cultural history of Indigenous people worldwide, with traditional art, music, children’s health and family, self-esteem and cultural pride at the heart of Nomad’s creative, educational and philanthropic activities; and

To collaborate with Indigenous artists, and artists from marginalized communities, to create culturally relevant contemporary art and consumer products which provide long-term economic benefit to the artists and further the public’s understanding and appreciation of the world’s most threatened cultures and communities.

Some of the worlds most beautiful and interesting people – Hugh Jackman, Sir Richard Branson, The Black Eyed Peas, Adriana Lima, Miranda Kerr and many more already agreed to be photographed for the collaborations

After I found this project in the internet I had to buy this book immediately. And it is true, like someone says in the internet, it is so much more than a normal coffee-table book. It makes you daydream. And with knowledge that it´s done in good cause it makes it even more beautiful.