↢⟐◈⟐↣ PENABRANCA ↢⟐◈⟐↣

Penabranca is one of my favorite artists on tumblr.
I can´t remember when I saw one of these pictures the first time, but it´s quite a while ago,
I think it was on pinterest and some other blog, without any hints who it was.
But I immediately loved this artwork, the dreamy geometric designs, the colors, you feel like
you are on a different planet or in a differnet time, when you look at it, just otherworldly.
So one day, I finally found his tumblr page.
The artist, Bruno is shrouded in mystery. He has no bio on his tumblr, nor is anything else
about him on the internet. The about information on his page is bruno.30.brasil. that´s it.
It really is a shame. He is so inspiring. Really hope there are more details soon.

You can check out all the designs, art and music at Penabranca.