Rhiannon Griego

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Rhiannon Griego
“The Luminous” collection
photography Ben Renschen
model Melina DrakeRhiannon Griego

I follow Rhiannon Griego for quite a while now and I’m absolutely in love with everything the designer & weaver creates, so I’m pretty excited to share her amazing latest collection and the story behind it with you!

“The photographer, Ben Renschen, and the model, Melina Drake and I, Rhiannon Griego, ventured into the windy desert of Death Valley a few weeks back. It’s a 4.5 drive from La so it felt like a roadtrip to make art. Death Valley is so vast with many different terrains and the one I was dead set on were the sand dunes. We hit the most intense sandstorm with zipping winds and a hail of sand that felt like little kids were throwing handfuls of sand at us. The sandstorm blew for 3/4 of the day and it made it really hard to get the sand dunes but I was determined, amidst all of the sand burns that ended up on my legs. Sunset was by far the most magical time I have been on any sand dune and this time, it was unbelievably beautiful. I’m including a few from that hour.
The new collection is comprised of woven garments, hand woven and hand sewn by me. I’ve been designing this line for over a year now, piece by piece between all the beadwork I do and wall hangings. It’s very dear to my dear and reflective of slow fashion, thoughtful fashion that exudes the fantastic nature that happens when one slows down and effuses art with thoughtful energy. I’ve been working on a few very special dresses, capes, crop tops and jumpers. Much of the collection is comprised from vintage fibers I found from an older weaver but the rest are peace silk ( they don’t kill the silk worms for the silk ), wool and metallics. Each garment may take anywhere from 2 days to 1.5 weeks. They are all so very dear to my heart it’s a challenge to sell them but that’s how I continue to support myself and run my label. ;)”

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