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Absolutely obsessed with the work of Sarah K. Benning. Sarah is an American fiber artist currently living in Menorca, Spain.  Originally from Baltimore, she attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and received her BFA in Fiber and Material Studies.  Shortly after graduating in 2013, Sarah discovered her love for embroidery, a relaxing hobby she could enjoy while working as a full-time nanny.  The hobby quickly turned into a job, and now Sarah works from her sunny apartment in Menorca.

Sarah’s embroideries often depict potted plants and her newest works position these potted gardens in interior spaces and pairs them with other textiles.  She approaches these pieces as illustrations, creating drawings in pencil directly onto the fabric before filling the image in with thread.  In this way, the thread become more like ink or paint than traditional embroidery, which accentuates the bold shapes, patterns, and color in the compositions.

These works are inspired by Sarah’s own potted plant collection and a general appreciation for nature.  Other subject matter in the past has included crystals and mineral formations, tranquil seascapes, and lunar phases.

Check out more of Sarah’s beautiful work here or follow her on instagram & facebook