Seminole Spirit Russell James model Behati Prinsloomodel Behati Prinsloophotography by Russell Jamesshot by Russell JamesSeminole Spirit by Russell James Russell James - photographerNomad two Worlds - Russell JamesRussell James - Behati Prinsloo Seminole Spirit by Russell JamesSeminole Spirit - Nomad Two Worlds” Seminole Spirit ”
photography Russell James
model Behati Prinsloo

One of my first posts on this blog, over two years ago, was about “Nomad Two Worlds“, a collaboration project between Australian photographer Russell James and Australian Indigenous artists which has expanded into additional cultural collaborations worldwide. With this project he wants to raise awareness of the beauty and rich cultural history of Indigenous people worldwide, and to collaborate with Indigenous artists, and artists from marginalized communities, to create culturally relevant contemporary art and consumer products which provide long-term economic benefit to the artists and further the public’s understanding and appreciation of the world’s most threatened cultures and communities.

Russell’s latest project for Nomad Two World is this shooting with beauty Behati Prinsloo. He started it in 2012 when he met with the Chief of The Seminole Tribe of Florida, James E. Billie, to discuss Nomad Two Worlds. A bond was formed, and James embarked on a two-year exploration and artistic interpretation of The Seminole Tribe of Florida. And how amazing is the result?! I’m absolutely in love with this!

You can find more of Russell James’s “Seminole Spirit” here and check out Nomad Two Worlds!




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