shaun Kardinalart by Shaun Kardinalby shaun kardinal embroidery by shaun kardinalartist Shaun Kardinal Seattle based artist Shaun Kardinalhand-embroidered art by Shaun Kardinalshaun kardinal - artisthand-embroidered vintage postcard vintage postcard art hand-embroidered postcard shaun kardinal - photographer and artistartwork by Shaun Kardinal

How awesome are the hand-embroidered vintage postcards by Seattle based artist Shaun Kardinal?! Ever since I discovered his work a few years ago I’m in love! Now I stumbled upon it again yesterday and couldn’t believe I didn’t already share this with you, so I do it now! 😉

“I like to create. But, of course, you know it’s more than that. I am constantly inspired by, frustrated with, raving about, and occasionally crushed by the work around me. I cannot see enough of it. I must always hear more of it. Even when I’ve worn myself out of it. I want to make cheap art. Free as often as possible.”

Check out more of his work on his website or follow him on facebook, flickr and tumblr!





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