The Atlas of Beauty
Photographer | Mihaela Noroc

Since 2013, photographer Mihaela Noroc has traveled the globe with her backpack and camera, taking photos of everyday women to showcase the diversity of beauty all around us. With ‘The Atlas of Beauty’ she has created a collection of her photographs celebrating women from all corners of the world, revealing that beauty is everywhere and that it comes in many different sizes and colors.

“In the end, beauty is in our differences. It’s about being yourself, natural and authentic, not about trends, race, or social status.” 

I’ve been following Mihaela Noroc‘s journey for quite a while now and after seeing one of her photographs poppin up on my Pinterest feed the other day I somehow felt that this is the right time to share it here with you.
Ok, I really don’t know why I didn’t do that earlier!
Maybe I feel like sharing something so insanely beautiful now, because it’s almost Christmas, or because the pic on Pinterest showed an Mongolian woman and I thought this was a sign, as I’ve just been to Mongolia for two months myself, or maybe it’s both or something else… However I’m pretty sure that you love and enjoy the idea of this, and the lush, colorful photographs as much as I do.

“The idea is that we are all part of the same diverse family” 

You can follow Mihaela’s work on her blog ( and her Instagram (, where she also shares a little story about each woman she photographed.

In this spirit I wish you all a Merry Christmas, beauties!

lots of love & light