Ever since I discoverd The Wild Unknown I wanted one of these 
beautiful tarot decks! And finally I ordered one! Can’t wait for it!
Kim Krans is such an amazing illustrator! I love her work! 
The Wild Unknown is founded on the belief that there is a place of wonder, gentle beauty,
and clarity within each of us. The distinct drawing style of Kim Krans reminds us of that
 magical place, and helps us reconnect to it. And the more we visit that side of ourselves, 
the more it grows… and so begins the story of self-transformation.
In 2008 The Wild Unknown began spreading the magic with calendars and prints, and
 have since expanded their line to include children’s books, posters, and a tarot deck, all
 illustrated by Kim Krans. The Wild Unknown tarot deck is spreading across the globe
 with its own miraculous wings… like a meteor shower that shows no signs of fading.
Who knows what will be next. Based in Topanga Canyon, CA.
 “So I cut off my hair and I rode straight away, to the wild unknown country,
where I could not go wrong…”
– Bob Dylan
 The new year just arrived, so perfect time to have a look into the future!