I love the Indian culture! The rites, the mindset, the colors, there is so much beauty in this country. Ever since I first saw 
the rice flour paintings called Kolam a few years ago in South India I wanted to do one on my floor back home. Kolams 
are geometrical line drawings composed of curved loops, drawn around a grid pattern of dots. Female Hindu family 
members paint them in front of their homes. It is a sign of invitation to welcome all into the home. I was looking for some 
paint or pen which I could use for it, something longer lasting than rice powder, but after not finding anything I decided to 
paint some rocks and stones in my garden. (using a pen I found in a graffiti shop). It´s so easy and looks great! 
I was totally happy with that but a few days ago, when I saw that beautiful picture on tumblr with the Indian woman in 
her golden sari painting that amazing Kolam I thought again I have to do a Kolam inspired painting at home. I´m just 
not sure what I should use!? Do you have any ideas? Maybe I should ask the creative minds from Free People which 
painted their store in Rockefeller Center so pretty! Looks like they just used normal wall paint!?

via freepeople / pinterest / rangdecor / tumblr