First Aid Kit “Emmylou”
Director: Maximilla Lukacs
Director of Photography: David McFarland
Stylist: Miss KK & Candice Birns
Make Up Artist: Bethany McCarty
Prop Stylist: Alia Penner
How beautiful is this video fromJohanna and Clara Söderberg, the swedish folk duo First 
Aid Kit!? The last time I heard this song is quite a while ago but it came to my ear again
 yesterday and I thought I have to show this. Emmylou is the sisters´ homage to their
 favorite songwriting partnerships – Gram Parsons with Emmylou Harris, and Johnny
 Cash with June Carter.
It was shoot in Joshua Tree National Park, a very special place to Gram Parsons – 
it was a place he loved, it was where he died and was buried – to add to the sense of 
occasion, the shoot took place on Gram’s birthday…
“Joshua Tree was a sacred place for Gram Parsons as it has been for me,” says Maximilla.
 “To be able to film this in the park on his birthday was such an honor. The video itself is
 an act of magic, a ceremony, a connection with the ghosts of the past. “Driving into that
 park at daybreak with the beautifully haunting sound of Johanna and Klara singing a Gram 
song a cappella in the car still gives me goosebumps to think about. I hope that Gram was
 smiling. I think he was.”

Emmylou Harris and Gram Parsons
early 1970s

Johnny Cash with June Carter 

via  promonews