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↢◈↣ SHEWOLF ↢◈↣

As I found the art of Chelsea Brown I was spellbounded, and also a little bit anxious. Couldn´t  take my eyes of these beautifully dazing pictures, and I thought I have to show you. Chelsea is born in 1988 in Manhattan, NY. My cohort, now wonder that she is amazing. 😉 Her inspiration comes from […]


  Bohemian Witchcraft as a way of embracing the spirit of the Bohemian attitude of freedom.  Just to be clear, it is the attitude of freedom, of living and practicing our Craft free of regard for  conventional rules and practices that defines Bohemian in the case of this Tradition.  It is not meant to represent […]

↢⟐◈⟐↣ PENABRANCA ↢⟐◈⟐↣

Penabranca is one of my favorite artists on tumblr. I can´t remember when I saw one of these pictures the first time, but it´s quite a while ago, I think it was on pinterest and some other blog, without any hints who it was. But I immediately loved this artwork, the dreamy geometric designs, the […]


I always saw these terrific pictures, and never knew that they are all from the same phtographer. Till I found out a while ago the photographer is Neil Krug an in 1983 born and based  in Los Angeles artist.Krug has photographed and art directed campaigns for such bands as My Chemical Romance, Justice, Ladytron, The […]


Found these pictures wandering through the www. And as soon as I saw them I felt very inspired. I really like drawaíng by myself but I sure not one of the best. I love these people who have that special kind of own style made their own. It wasn´t that easy to find anything about […]


Minka Sicklinger was born in the Netherlands in 1981 and raised in Australia, she began drawing as soon as she could pick up a pencil. After completing a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts in Australia in 2003, drawing remained a hobby while she pursued a career in fashion styling for a number of years. Arriving […]


Know the song `Bird on the Buffalo` from Angus Stone for quite a while, and I fell in love the music video! The Australian singer and his real life girlfriend Isabel Lucas, which I adore, are kind of celebrating their love in a really magical way in this vid. Watch it here       […]


Nomad two Worlds is a great project, it  began with a collaboration project between Australian photographer Russell James and Australian Indigenous artists. It has since expanded into additional cultural collaborations worldwide, established the Nomad Two Worlds Foundation, and evolved into a socially responsible global business whose mission is two-fold: To raise awareness of the beauty […]


  Beautiful artwork from the Melbourne-based illustrator Rachel ‘Raych’ Urquhart. She is so inspiring! Check out her blog Pony Gold.