What you need:
How to do it:
1.  take the metal hoop and cover it all with the yarn.
2. take the tea bag, and make some tea. Why? no it´s not tea time, put the white doily 
in the tea to make it look older and more natural. Then let is try.
3.  tie all the ends and the betweens of the dried doily with some yarn to the hoop.
4. now tie the beads to the doily 
5. make as many hangings with the yarn, feathers and beads as you like and tie at the hoop.
6. take the leather cord and make a tag to hang it up.


Found this DIY on handmadera. Tried it by myself and love it! 
You can also do it bigger and more “messy” and with much more yarn, shells and feathers:
via pinterest

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  2. by Jaimee on October 2, 2015  5:40 pm Reply

    Am I able to buy this??

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