beautiful feathers at home
 I really love feathers, on dreamcatchers, deko, necklaces, hats, just erverywhere. So as I found the diy tutorial on Free Peoples awesome blog, I immediately fell in love with it! They are really beautiful and not just as decoration to hang them on walls or put them in a vase. You can also use them for table decorations or tie them to a present. Or how about you use some jewelry clasp to attach a feather to a bag as a charm or stick it on a fedora to make your festival look perfect!?
          Or how about you dip dye them!? Maybe in gold?
Gold dipped feathers!? There are two of my favourite things, gold and feathers and loving dip dye in any form and way, it´s just perfect.

Now, I wish I could say I have attempted this diy myself but unfortunately I didn´t. I found these pictures on weheartit, tumblr and pinterest and felt really inspried, so this was at once on my to do list. It´s really very simple. All you need are some white feathers,
faux or real ones, and either you mix some gold watercolor and water and dip the feathers as much as you want in it, or, for better a better effect use some gold spray. Don´t forget to let is try.If gold ones let you think too much about christmas decorations you can also dip the ends in some neon color, which would fit once again perfectly to your festifal stlye!




via tumblr / pinterest / weheartit