Hope and May is one of my two favourite shops in Byron Bay.
This store in the heart of Byron is run by Melinda and her gorgeous daughters, Tahlia and Kobi.
You can find a mix of pure modern and bohemian inspired clothing, jewellery and homewears there.
I swear it really is impossible to just peek without bying anything. If it´s a just a cute bracelet, studded
singlet or an amazing bohemian kaftan you have to buy at least something small. But even this was
hard for me, precisely because the homewares are so stunning too, a ethno bedspread or one of the
carved buffalo skulls. All through they have really beautiful and unique stuff. And it´s all quite affordable.
Next to the own creations from these beauties, they have eight different labels as from Fance and
America, all exclusive at their store. They attach great importance to be exclusive that´s why they bring
out a lot of things theirselve. The Hope and May label wholesales to 250 stores around Australia and
usually you can shop it all online aswell but their website sadly is currently under maintenance.
I really love it, it´s like a little bohemian haven! You defenitly have to visit either the store or the website.