Photos produced by thebharanieffect 

 photographer Maclay Heriot.
For me Peruvian-born Australian actress Nathalie Kelley is one of
 the most inspiring and amazing women. I think most should know 
her for playing in The Fast and the Furious or her appearance
 in the video clip of Bruno Mars’ hit “Just The Way You Are”. But
 when you just look a little closer there is so much more about her.
Her natural beauty, her outlook and ethos on life as well as her 
commitment to the earth and connection with nature. An 
inspiration in so many ways. She is an actress and weaver in the 
Navajo Tradition. She is ‘Born in the Amazon and raised in the
 Outback’. Looove The Bharani Effects story with this 
mega babe! 
Read the full interview with Nat and check out The Bharani Effect!
” I think as a women it´s important to find a community 
of like minded women who can support & 
inspire you and I´m lucky to have found my `tribe`”

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