Omg I´m totally in love! I discoverd THE FAMILY LOVE TREE yesterday. Why didn´t anyone tell me before??? I´m  looking for the perfect peacock chair for really long! And now I definitely know where to buy it! Always wanted a  white one, but I´m not sure anymore also love it in black and turquoise. Or […]


I love the Indian culture! The rites, the mindset, the colors, there is so much beauty in this country. Ever since I first saw  the rice flour paintings called Kolam a few years ago in South India I wanted to do one on my floor back home. Kolams  are geometrical line drawings composed of curved loops, […]


  I must confess that I know Pamela not from her beautiful jewlery but rather from her tattoos she got and from her good friend and tattoo artist Minka Sicklinger. She organized a pop up tattoo parlor togehter during her Made Fashion Week presentation. She and her illustrator husband created a design menu based on […]


 Love love love these dreamcatchers from electriclovenyc by Hitomi Matarese and Charlie Walker        


        via beauandaero / tumblr / heyokaleather / spelldesigns / ponygold


 Hope and May is one of my two favourite shops in Byron Bay. This store in the heart of Byron is run by Melinda and her gorgeous daughters, Tahlia and Kobi. You can find a mix of pure modern and bohemian inspired clothing, jewellery and homewears there. I swear it really is impossible to just […]


beautiful feathers at home  I really love feathers, on dreamcatchers, deko, necklaces, hats, just erverywhere. So as I found the diy tutorial on Free Peoples awesome blog, I immediately fell in love with it! They are really beautiful and not just as decoration to hang them on walls or put them in a vase. You […]