Omg I´m totally in love! I discoverd THE FAMILY LOVE TREE yesterday. Why didn´t anyone tell me before??? I´m 
looking for the perfect peacock chair for really long! And now I definitely know where to buy it! Always wanted a 
white one, but I´m not sure anymore also love it in black and turquoise. Or maybe one of these beautiful bed 
heads? However, this is the place to buy it! You really have to check out TFLT!
Stylist Katie Graham has always loved clashes. Clashes of colour and textures, and especially of rules. Who says 
you can’t sit a fuchsia rattan chair next to a bed adorned with vintage kantha quilts and cushions? Katie’s love 
of diversity, vintage furniture, fabrics and textiles, and her extensive experience in costume design and styling
 all led her to this point, and growing The Family Love Tree. It’s a gorgeous lifestyle and furniture store with a 
philosophy of comfort, simplicity, colour and fun. Katie has taken all the wild, bohemian spirit of rattan furniture, 
handcrafted screens and macramé hangers and eclectically blended them with the contemporary edge of screen 
printed fabrics and fresh modern colours. The Family Love Tree collection is all about throwing the windows open, 
letting in some bright whimsical joy and feeling the love, life and colour that can grow in your house.
The Family Love Tree’s cane products are made from 100% authentic rattan and are manufactured in West Java. 
Indonesia was chosen as it’s considered one of the top producers of this fine material. By never mass-producing, 
The Family Love Tree ensures the quality of the product and employ skilled villagers, whose main income source 
relies on the manufacturing of rattan products.  Harvesting rattan, a seasonal plant that grows all year round, 
provides an alternative to logging and can help protect the area’s forests. The Family Love Tree is an Australian 
based company.