Sally Mustangmodel Sally MustangWandering Folkmuse Sally MustangWandering Folk picnic rugSAlly Mustang for Wandering Folkbohemian picnic rug Wandering Folk - the picnic rug red picnic rug by Wandering Folk Wandering Filk - Sharnee Thorpe Wandering Folk by Sharnee Thorpe

Maybe you remember those beautiful picnic rugs!? I shared an interview with freelance textile designer Sharnee Thorpe about her work and her new label with you a few moths ago (read it again here)!
A penchant for travel, a desire to explore and a passion for roaming the untamed wilderness inspired her to create Wandering Folk – the printed Picnic Rug.
The rugs have a beautifully detailed printed topside made of durable cotton canvas, while the under side is made of a waxed canvas so you can lay it on any surface. Absolutely perfect!
And today, finally, the pre sale for those beauties started! So be quick and follow this link to grab one of them before they are gone!

Wander often. Wander wide. Wandering Folk is a way of life.

You can also follow Wandering Folk on facebook and instagram.


pics by Wandering Folk and Sally Mustang by Slade Jasper for Krystle Knight Jewellry and Rue Stiic