Wandering Folk
“Enchanted Tales”
photographer Cory White
muses  Marley ThorpeHolly Derrick
hand made white lace Wendy Thorpe 
styling Sharnee Thorpe

The enchanted tale of a wide eyed wanderer …..

 Trudging through an entangled forest she dreamed of far away lands, where magic carpets sailed into the sunset.

 Stumbling upon an Amber Palace its aura beaming like the sun….Persian carpets paved the way through the spellbinding gardens where nomadic tribes gathered sweet liquid amber from the  surrounding woods.  

 Then across the seas to the Shangri-La a mystical, harmonious valley sealed to all who don’t believe. She saw the magnificent regal Temple in the distance it seemed to float above the mountains, the deep Ultramarine Empire beckoned her closer…

 Introducing ~ Enchanted Tales ~ Wandering Folk’s New collection

 May your adventures be wild and your problems be mild. 

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Wander often. Wander wide. Wandering Folk is a way of life.