Feel free to contact me any time if you have questions
or collaboration and affiliation requests.

love & light
Sabrina Zeltenhammer
Ekkehartstr. 24
85630 Grasbrunn






  1. by Denni on July 17, 2015  8:41 am Reply

    Hallo Sabrina,
    bin gerade auf Deiner Seite gelandet (über pinterest) und habe mich echt in Deine Mode verliebt.
    Jetzt die große Frage... Wie kann ich die Sachen bestellen?

    • by Bohemian on July 17, 2015  8:51 am Reply

      Hi Denise!
      das freut mich! :) Bei lookbooks und campaigns steht das label bzw der shop immer unter den Bildern, also einfach auf die Links klicken. Bei editorials weiss ich nicht immer woher die Klamotten sind aber wenn dich was bestimmtes anlacht frag einfach, vielleicht bekommen wir das dann raus ;) love and light Sabrina

  2. by Audrey Swanson on January 6, 2016  11:50 pm Reply

    Hi! I saw a blue blanket in your Aloha Gaia post (the one with the white dog) and I was wondering where I could get one. Thanks!

    • by Sabrina Diesel on January 7, 2016  6:59 am Reply

      Hi there!
      I'm sorry I don't know but maybe just ask at Aloha Gaia, they should know :)

  3. by Audrey Love on May 17, 2016  6:49 pm Reply

    Hi! I'm in love with your photography and art on this webpage. I am an artist and looking for work. How can I get involved?

    • by Sabrina Diesel on May 17, 2016  7:18 pm Reply

      Hi Audrey! just shoot me an email! xx Sabrina

  4. by cherie on September 29, 2016  7:06 am Reply

    1715 Electric Ave

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