“Cycledelic” film
photography Matthew Miller
model Honor Hamilton & Justin Miller
Totally in love with Solé Bicyeles latest film including some of their new City Cruiser bikes.
It makes me want to be summer here, right now!!! I want to get my boyfriend, mount my bike 
(sadly mine is not as cool as these from Solé) and adventure with him through an psycadelic 
landscape just like in the film. When I close my eyes I almost feel the sun on my skin and the 
wind in my hair. Oh how I miss summer!
Stumbled upon Solè by following one of my fav babes/models/creatives Honor Hamilton and 
Child of Wild on Instagram. And ever since I saw the first bts pic I was waiting for this!
 I mean Honor and CoW could do anything and I would love it, but working together, it really
turned out to be beyond amazing. The lookbook drops next week!
Love to see more of them!

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