This FlashBackFriday is a little bit different to the last ones, but I think a little festival
 fashion inspiration now is just right!
Festival Season is just about to begin…. Kimonos, hats, biker boots, flower crowns, 
face paint… Oh how I love it! And mine is starting this weekend! Which actually 
means today! Which means I really need to think about what to wear the next 
days. And what is better for that than a little Coachella flashback to the last years!?
Some people, especially where I live at the moment, would probably say I´m on a 
festival the whole year so I kind of have to go one better, haha. 
There are a few festival essentials for me like my Spell Dreamweaver Bag!
wouldn´t go without it. So at least I already know that! But for the rest… do you 
know the quote “my room was clean but then i had to decide what to wear”?! 
Jap this is what´s going to happen today. But I´m not thinking about cleaning up the 
mess now! I´m now starting my favourite time of the year! So I hope you will all 
have an amazing weekend! I sure will!