Cool breeze in the morning, a riot of colours in the garden, birds singing in ecstasy.
Yes, that signals the arrival of the spring season ok at least in India it is, here we got 5 cm of new snow the last 3 days.
Indians welcome this celebration of nature in the form of the colourful festival of Holi. Holi means a farewell to chilly winters.
This festival falls in the month of March every year according to the Gregorian calendar. As per the Hindu calendar,
it falls on a full moon day in the month of Phagun, and this is today, the 27th of March.
Holi signifies a feeling of friendship, brotherhood, reunion and sense of revelry. Holi is a harvest festival besides being a spring festival.
The central ritual of Holi is the throwing and applying of colored water and powders on friends and family, which gives the holiday its common name “Festival of Colors.”