Flower crowns, feather headpieces and hats….
Nothing better than wearing a ture statement, one-of-a-kind piece like 
this on a festival.There are so many brands and designers, but Little Doe
 is one of my favourites for a long time.
Admittedly their designs are quite expensive, but sooo beautiful!
Don’t you think!?
“Littledoe is a custom based accessory company, created on the idea of its clients being
 able to find solace in a unique and one-of-a kind based side of expression. By crafting
 each piece from antique materials and sought out trinkets, we aim to provide wearers
 with that special kind of lovin’ feeling. With inspirations and materials found from our
 great earth mother, no two pieces are identical. The natural beauty of this world provides
 us with the ability to create from the most raw and natural platforms available. Started 
in 2008, Littledoe takes its name from a lake in Algonquin Park, Northern Ontario, a
 reminder of the simplistic things in life.
May we bring magic to your days…”
Check out Little Doe´s website!
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