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Happy Tuesday beautiful souls! I’m so excited to finally share our latest Bohemian Diesel Marketplace ‘Behind the Label’ interview with you! The interview with ZAIMARA’s creative director and founder Nadia Ferrari, Latin American designer from the colourful Argentina based on the sunny Mediterranean island of Malta.

So Nadia, who is behind Zaimara? And where do you call home?

Zaimara was founded on the sunny Mediterranean island of Malta in 2016. I am the designer, creative director and founder of the brand but behind Zaimara there are many of us creating magic. We have a wonderful team of dedicated professionals in design, sales, marketing and logistics who share the same values and work ethics.

Another important pillar of Zaimara is our families of artisans and craftswomen who bring to life our designs using their diverse traditional handcraft techniques. Most of our artisans are women who contribute to the wellbeing of their families, and for some of those families crafting our pieces is the main source of income. Ethical handcrafted manufacturing and well-being of all our artisan families is an absolute priority to us.

Over the last decade I have been blessed to live with my best friend and husband in four continents experiencing many amazing countries rich in natural treasures, traditions and communal ways of living. We have always valued the positives and been grateful for the hospitality provided by the locals. Currently we are spending most of our time between Malta, Bali and Argentina so I could say that these are the places I could call home but honestly I feel local almost anywhere I go on our wonderful planet.

What gave you the push to create your own label?

I have worked in different sectors of the fashion industry from designer showrooms in Milan, to high-end fashion houses in Australia and production lines in South America and Asia. I grew up in the colourful beautiful Argentina next to my mother who had a large clientele selling luxury fabrics in the early 90s. I spent a lot of time in fabric shops seeing and immersing myself into the magic of different textures and colours particularly the ones coming from artisan communities.

After my studies and working experience in Europe I went travelling around the world with my husband for an extended period of time and always ended up living close by artisan communities fascinated by their ancient handcraft techniques. During this time I designed a few magical dresses and with a group of craftswomen started to embroider them one by one in soft luxurious fabrics and was blown away by the result – this is how Zaimara was born.

How would you describe Zaimara?

Zaimara is passionate for everything handmade, colourful and artistic, designed for the sundrenched free spirits wandering freely through dreamy landscapes and tropical getaways. The Zaimara woman is somebody full of light and positivity, socially responsible and in love with nature. She values traditional handcraft techniques over industrial manufacturing processes and likes to wear unique treasure pieces that will last a long time.

Our luxe pieces are ethically made and Zaimara’s elegant easy-to-wear designs make women feel comfortable yet fabulous in their own skin. Zaimara pieces are the kind of dresses and kaftans you wear and notice people look at you, tell you compliments, stop you in the middle of the street and ask you where can they get it, then you realize it is more than a dress, it is a piece of art that carries a special beautiful energy flowing around it.

What makes you the happiest about your job?

I adore what I do, I am involved in every activity of our company, this means long days and nights working hard before launches, monthly photoshoots, designing collections as well as keeping close and transparent relationships with our families of artisans and stockists. I feel blessed every day to have the freedom to create art and help support traditional craftsmanship.

What’s next? What’s your vision for the future of your brand?

We are constantly working in new designs, embroidery techniques and soft blends of fabrics to create the most amazing high quality dresses and kaftans. Zaimara has grown to be a well established bohemian resort wear brand being stocked in over 25 countries in some of the most luxurious high end boutiques and beach clubs. We would love to continue on the same path as currently – to keep on working ethically with artisans and partnering up with influencers and stockists globally who share the same values and positive vibes as us. We are super delighted and grateful to have seen so many women sparkling in our dresses, our goal is to bring a little color to their everyday life and make them look and feel their best whether they wear our dresses on their next tropical getaway, for a nice sunset soiree with friends or simply while doing groceries in style!

Thank you so much Nadia! It’s such an honor to have ZAIMARA with it’s beautiful designs onboard!

You can shop all ZAIMARA collections on our Marketplace now and also don’t forget to follow them on facebook and instagram!


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