Hey dreamers, today we have EXCITING news to share with you! We have added a new designer to our growing Marketplace Team! Please join us in welcoming the gorgeous Gaayathri and her label Baby Peppers!

Where did you grow up and how has that shaped who you are today?
I grew up in Singapore and life in Singapore was very tough. My childhood and teenage years were fraught with some many social issues such as racism, school yard bullying, and workplace harassment and bullying and all I can say is that I crumbled and withered in Singapore. These issues were too much for my fragile spirit so I made the conscious decision to pursue my studies in Australia which welcomed me with open arms and taught me to be resilient in the face of adversities. I had incredible mentors and tutors who believed in me and saw the potential in me and this has really shaped who I am today.

What’s your strongest childhood memory?
My strongest childhood memory was visiting the carnivals with my parents and brother and attending the ventriloquist shows.

As a kid what did you dream of becoming?
My dream career changed several times when I was a kid. First, I wanted to be a teacher, then a psychologist and then lastly a lawyer. I finally achieved being a lawyer in Australia but the underlying theme for any of my dream career is to serve people and make a real impact and difference in their lives. And I think I have now incorporated being a teacher and psychologist as an entrepreneur as I readily teach people what I know and also coach people on mindset shifts as part of my branding business, The Honest Quill.

What is the one thing that you can’t live without and why?
Before the kids, I would have said my dogs but now it would be both my dogs and kids. I can’t live without them because they are simply my world and reason for being. My true calling in life was always to be a mother and inspire other mothers to live a meaningful and purposeful life Everything that I do, I think about my kids and whether they would benefit from my actions.

What does “being free” mean to you?
Being free for me means being liberated from all the limits we surround ourselves with. It all starts from within and the better we are at shifting our mindset to think of abundance instead of limitations, the better our lives will be.

What are you most proud of in your business journey so far?
What I’m most proud of the business journey so far is the impact my little business has made on people. The kind of empowerment I have created with my collaborations and now several publications have invited me to write for them so all of this is incredibly exciting.

How does your business help mums?
My business helps mums by making ethical shopping accessible and affordable so that they can genuinely make a difference in the lives of mums hustling hard in marginalised communities. We have done all the hard yards and what we provide is a personalised experience. The opportunity for consumers to make a social change on a global scale. My branding is steeped in motherhood and my products make it possible for mums from anywhere in the world who are personable about conscious and mimimalise living buy our products and the feelgood factor is that when they invest in our products, they revel in the fact that they invest in a whole community especially giving kids from ariginalised communities the hope and will to continue with normalcy.

What do I love most about my business?
What I love most about my business is the opportunity for me to meet other like minded businesses and to build a community of very strong, indepenendand kind loving women and men alike.

A message for women everywhere…
A message for women – Don’t be too hard on yourself and worst of all, don’t be too quick to judge and pass hurtful comments because we are all one and can truly inspire and uplift one another if we stop with all this meaningless comparison, envy and resentment. I’ve worked with so many women since I started working full time in my teens and I have met so many powerful, yet insecure women who just tear you down with their insecurities and immaturity that you’re left wondering if something is wrong with you and then it takes years to realise that it’s not you but it’s them.

Is there anything on the horizon for Baby Peppers?
Yes, I want to truly expand Baby Peppers out of its locality and make it a global brand. I have been doing lots of collaborations with overseas ethical brands and stores and hope for that to scale up to a level where I will be invited to milestone events to share my journey and struggles. I want to take Baby peppers to any corner of the world and know that location would never be a factor. It was always about reaching out to the people of the world. We recently had an order from Singapore to put together a baby hamper worth $300 and this marked such a huge milestone for us because the customer could have gone anywhere but they found us on Instagram and requested this from us. I truly wanted to make their experience phenomenal so I offered free shipping for their kindness and generosity. The end product was so drool worthy and I got a personal DM back to say how happy they were with the products.

What do you feel makes your products different from others?
Our prdocuts are different because they are not wildly unaffordable. As ethicallly and sustainably as they are produced, they are priced in a way that is reasonable and affordable. Our products are different because we don’t let our customers sit on the fence on whether they would like to buy it or not. This happens alot to price-sensitive customers even if they have the best intentions in mind. I’ve not had a single customer who has emailed me to say that they are thinking about it or who has emailed me to say that they love it but cant afford it. The people who buy from us buy with conviction that this is what they truly want because we make the experience worthwhile and give them a great feel good opportunity to genuinely make a difference in the lives of our craftsmen women.

We are simply thrilled to have you on the team Gaayathri! xx

You can now shop the gorgeous designs by Baby Peppers on the Marketplace {HERE}!

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