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Beachwear label Brescia Bercane is the latest addition to our Marketplace family.
Brescia Bercane creates the most beautiful sarongs ever! Their designs with unique handmade drawings and happy colors inspired by the mystic souls, berbere tributes and folk graphics can be worn everywhere in a sunny place or can even be framed as an artwork.
Oh we are so excited the finally share this with you, and as they have just launched we are also super honored that we had the chance to do an exclusive interview with Brescia Bercane and Manon Norel, the creative duo behind this gorgeous new label.

Tell us, who is behind Brescia Bercane?
Brescia & Manon: We are friends since one year and a half. We have been living between France and Bali. Both of us, in search of freedom and creativity, decided to merge and create the label Brescia Bercane.
Brescia: Manon manages all the business sides and I take care of the creation of each collection and design parts.

And where do you call home?
Brescia & Manon: We consider Bali like our home and we are so lucky to be in this island of gods… full of positive energies and mystical green landscapes that push and elevate us ! We are really gratefull!

Where did you grow up?
Brescia: I grew up in the south of France and born in Toulouse. Then, I move to Montpellier with my mom and my step-father. South, the peach trees, sun, the flower fields and the oriental feeling were my first source of inspiration when I was younger. And then, I studied fashion at LISAA ( L’Institut Superieur des Arts Appliques) in Paris.
Manon: I grow up in a small town the the north of france. When I was 16 years old I decided to leave my parent’s house and had an experience abroad, I went in England ( in an international school) and since I never stopped traveling. I become the person who I am today thanks my parents, they gave me the opportunity to do what I always wanted : Traveling ! I could not say enough thank you to them particulary my dad. Towards my different experiences abroad I learned a lot thanks the different cultures, different people … I think in life we don’t make new relationships by accident. They are destined to cross our way for different reasons.

How did you get into designing?
Brescia: My grand father was artist, opera singer and fashion designer and my parents worked in the ready-to-wear as agent. I am lucky to have been in this fantastic universe . Since I was a child, I drew… It is a passion, a part of me and my balance in life. And now, it is a kind of meditation. If I don’t create, I miss something in my daily life.
Manon: I don’t design but since I am young, I am in fashion world thanks my parents, they have clothing shops in France so I grow up in this universe.

What gave you the push to create your own collection of sarongs?
Brescia: In my studies, I made some scarves even when I worked at Antik Batik, and I loved to do that kind of creation! I think sarong is an easy way to start a beach wear brand, it is easy to sell and, for me, it is better to work and design on a large scale textile. Like a painting canvas, I can imagine and draw freely by hand my future design.
Manon: I always wanted to create my own brand and I inherited the entrepreneur soul of my parents and it happens with Brescia. We really wanted to sell a product that both, we could wear everywhere in a sunny place and use as a decorative textile for the living home.

Where and when do you feel most inspired?
Brescia: When: Most of the time in the night and when I am travelling.
Where: where the cultures and ethnies are the most strongs. For exemple, in Africa, I am focusing on a particular civilization (Masai, berbers…) by tapping into energies of these cultures to melt them in an eclectic concept. The mix and match is a way of expression between ethnic aesthetic and a strong graphic langage. I love colors and folklorism!

What makes you happiest about your job?
Brescia: When we get the good sample ready!! Seriously, lot of things! We love to work together even if our work are differents, it is enriching and always in a good atmosphere. I love when our brains are fusionning! About the collection the best moment is to make the moodboards at the beginning. But every process is cool!
Manon: The adventure what I am living right now, my dream comes true, live abroad, build my own fashion company, taking risks, learn everyday new things, give all my best to success.

Is there anything you don´t like about it?
Brescia: When we have to look for factories… difficult to get a good one in Indonesia!
Manon: Is not easy everyday… but no there is nothing that I don’t like about it.

What does «being free» mean to you?
Manon: «being free» to me means making your own decisions, do what I love, be where I feel alive.

What’s the proudest moment of your career so far?
Brescia: When I worked for Manish Arora. It was so hard to live in New Delhi… A lot of challenge and finally, a good school life! Very intensive, we worked almost everyday until the night but it was really passioning and creative! I loved to work for him!
Manon: The proudest moment it’s happening now, start from « nothing » such an amazing adventure, wake up the morning and think what is going to happen today?

What’s your vision for the future of your brand?
Brescia & ManonWe aim to continue to impress by our handmade drawing s and printed fabrics and to develop more products and collections also for the living home. And maybe later, beachwear for children… Too much ideas !

You can shop the gorgeous sarongs by Brescia Bercane online now

campaign credits:
Brescia Bercane Spring / Summer 2017 collection
photographer Michelle Van Dijk
model Sasha Pereira

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