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I can’t help it I looove plants, especially cacti and succulents! They are my favorites since I can remember, and not only because they are the only plants I’m able to keep alive, oh I really don’t have that green thump!
I always had a lot of green beauties around me, even as a child, I still can remember how my fave cacti in the house I grew up looked like, so I guess once again it might be my mums “fault”, haha!
Yes I’m all plant crazy, like really really crazy, last time I counted there were 41 plants… in our living room… I’m a bit afraid to count them in the whole house… hehe.
As I have quite a few plants of course I also have to have quite a few pots.  I always keep my eyes open for beautiful and special designs, so when I discovered the pottery of Clay Kedem I fell in love immediately! Oh yes I really am a big fan of these gorgeous designs, which are inspired by ancient cultures!
So I’m really excited that Clay Kedem is now also available on our Marketplace, and that I had the honor to interview the creative behind, the lovely Liron Campbell for our “Behind the Labels” series, check it out:

Why is your label called Clay Kedem?
Kedem is the name of my oldest daughter (of 6 years old), the meaning of kedem is “the ancient time” in hebrew.
clay kedem is about making my art with clay and drawing the inspiration from ancient cultures from all around the world.

What are your primary sources of inspiration?
When I met my husband I started to work with him in preservation of archaeological sites in Israel (Ben is a third generation of conservators) and fell in love with the beauty of the ancient world.
When I gave birth to my daughter I wanted to continue the connection to the ancient cultures and also be more present in raising my children.
From there the dream was born, create and work with my hands with the connection of ancient cultures throughout the world.
I feel very connected to the Native Americans art and I draw inspiration from their technique of carving ceramics, I combine it with my colorful and bohemian style and link it with my other hobby – growing cacti and succulents. We have over 100 different varieties that we grow with a lot of love, the connection between the two hobbies is creating my ceramic pots.

What are you most proud off?
To go with my dream, to get up every morning and do what I love the most and send my creations all over the world.
It is very challenging to set up your own businesses, create, write, take photos, do marketing. Everything I do I do by myself  – with a lot of love.
To get up every morning at my home in the desert, work with clay, raise my kids in calm athmosphere and joy and foster the succulent garden, this is to live my dream.

What are other places on the planet you wanted to go to?
Until now I have been to many places, these are some of my favorites:
India, Thailand, New Zealand, Australia, Laos, Jordan, Armenia.
I still want to travel to Morocco and also to visit the tribes people in America and Africa, and continue to absorb ancient civilizations.
I want to keep traveling with my family, especially in third world countries where culture is still very present and interesting.

The mantras you life by…
Always see the good in people and in everything happening to you on your way.
Do what you love and you’ll don’t have to work a day in your life.
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
Love, Love and Love :)))

You can shop her gorgeous creations online now! logo_marketplace_bohemiandiesel Kopie 2