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Behind the Artists – Bohemian Diesel Marketplace

Hannah Adamaszek’s portraits capture the sense of being, where the beauty and timelessness of the world come into sharp focus. The works inspire to immerse you in serenity, to captivate and draw you into the ether. These pieces bring the beauty of our souls to life, a female muse at harmony with herself and her surroundings.

Art is not just for viewing but an experience.  By merging Art and Zen, we are taken on a welcome journey of peaceful reflection in out chaotic lives.”

Hannah was one of the first artist I wrote about on my blog! That is over three years ago, omg can’t believe how time flies….! I follow her journey ever since and I’m a huge fan of everything she creates so I am more then excited to tell you that this incredibly talented artist is now part of Bohemian Diesel Marketplace!

Before you check out more of her art have a look at the interview we did:

So who are you and what do you do?

I’m an artist based in the UK painting portraits, I want to bring the beauty of our souls to life through my art. I’ve been painting all my life, but only over the last 4 years I’ve started to exhibit my work. I love to travel and want to see where my art can take me.

How did you get into art? do you have a background in your family?

I’ve always been interested in art and creating since I can remember. My Dad used to paint a lot when I was growing up so was always encouraged to draw and paint. It was really when I started painting at college and doing life drawing that I really found my style.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I like to either go for a run or do some yoga the clear my mind before I start the day, and find inspiration from both. I like to think of a state of mind or a feeling and try to paint from that. I also love bohemian fashion and jewellery, so try to incorporate that into my work too

What do you like about your work?

I love thats its light and free. It brings me back to memories or moments that I want to keep alive, it gives me strength when I come across struggles, and hope it does the same for other people

Is there anything you don´t like about it?

There are always ways to improve and expand. I’ve recently started painting with oils, because I love how they can make things look lush and transparent. I want my work to have more layers and depth in certain places. Thats what I’m working on at the moment

Do you have a dream project?

So many, I would love to work more closely with yoga, either doing some yoga matt designs, or a mural in a studio. It would be great to be able to do a workshop bringing both together

What would you do without art?

I think I would become completely restless, making and viewing art makes me feel calm, just enjoying the moment of looking or creating. 

Have a look at more of Hannah’s amazing work here and follow on facebook and instagram!!!

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