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I’m super thrilled to tell you that we have teamed up with another pretty special jewelry label (which we follow and adore for quite a while now):
Heather Kahn Jewelry

Heather Kahn, based in Los Angeles, works with a small team to create the handcrafted pieces of HK, which she describes as “a little bit gypsy, a little bit rock “n” roll.”
Mixing metals and highlighting the beauty of raw stones to create an earthy but refined look is her signature style.
Oh we are absolutely in love with her designs, which btw hit our Marketplace this week!
But before you head over to the shop scroll on for the interview we did with gorgeous Heather, designer of HK:

Tell us about yourself, and how you got into jewelry design?
I’ve always made jewelry since I can remember. I started collecting shells & vintage trinkets to make one of a kind pieces. So it was a natural transition to turn my hobby into a full time project.

What gave you the push to create your own label?
I wanted to make money doing something I loved, so I started the line with a few pieces & grew from there.

Did you always dream of becoming a jewelry designer?
No, I never believed I could make a living doing that. I went to college & studied Biology, not really knowing what I wanted to do.

Who and what inspires you?
My two boys Paxton & Bowen & music,music,music!

What does a typical day in the life look like?
Coffee, gets the kids off to school, head to the studio & create. It is a full time job so luckily I enjoy it. I dont have a ton of free time, but I can be flexible which is nice for the kids.

The first piece of jewelry you ever made..
Hmm, a simple seed bead choker. When I was young (teens), seed beads were easily accessible, so that mostly what I used. You really can do a lot with seed beads as far as patterns & various stitching techniques.

What makes you smile?
The kids, my dogs, the beach, dancing at concerts

Your first trip overseas?
My husband & I went to Tahiti for a college course that was totally life changing.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would that be?
Maui or Mexico

What is the one thing that you can’t live without and why?
Music, it inspires me to create.

Your life mantra…
Have no regrets

The moments that defined you…
Having my babies, both have changed my life in such positive ways. The day I married my best friend. Starting my own business.

Everyone should at least once in their life…
Do something that scares you. “They” say, do something that scares you every day.

What is your idea of success?
Creating a line that people view as unique and innovative. Also, using my business for good- not just profit, like providing fair wage jobs or donating for a cause I believe in.

What do you see in your future? Do you have a dream project?
Yes I am working on a line that features casting from the lost wax casting technique.

Thanks so much to Heather for giving us a peek behind the curtain. 🙂

Have a look at more designs and shop Heather Kahn Jewelry on the Marketplace now!

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