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Behind the Labels – Bohemian Diesel Marketplace

Hey beauties, today I want to introduce a new label, which is now available on the marketplace, to you: Let’s Boho.
Let’s Boho was created by the lovely Sem. Inspired by nature she designs and selects the prettiest accessoires for yourself and your home! But let Sem herself tell you a bit more about Let’s Boho and her work:

So who are you and where do you call home?
I am a marketing manager in IT business who lives in an urban flat in Istanbul. Although marketing is all about communication and culture, the way it is wired in business fails to excite me. I seek creativity and the intelligence behind it, therefore I feel the need to constantly search for likeminded people with interesting stories to tell. Possibility of this happening in one’s ‘hometown’ is limited, so home is where I meet fellow humans who have stories to tell and who are eager to hear my stories, as well.

Tell us about Let’s Boho.
My experiences mean the world to me and I figured best way to keep them from disappearing and share them with others was to put them down in a blog. I registered the domain for Let’s Boho years ago, but never had the time to work on it. One day I had a warning email about the expiration of my domain. Alarm bells started ringing  and I realised I had to start from somewhere and make time to do what I wanted to do in life. That’s how the blog got started.

Who and what inspires you?
I follow the teachings of a shaman. My time with her, her teachings and books are all great inspiration to me. I am also inspired by my journeys. Places and people always give me beautiful vibes and great stories. I tend to select locations with rich ethnic and historical background, like South America. Boho lifestyle is never about 100% western culture and urban life. Seeking its roots in a place like Amazon or Peruvian highlands always lets me redefine the concept in my mind.

What makes you happiest about your job?
I know that people who reach me through Let’s Boho seek similar things in life. With the creative freedom I’ve always dreamed of, I share my energy with others, knowing that it is appreciated and not wasted.

Tell us about your design style, and what kind of person is interested in your products?
People who do not simply like an object or a piece of fabric for its appearance or how it’d fit in their homes or wardrobes; but also get curious about the cultural and spiritual settings they are created in. What I design or offer  has to have a story behind and people who use them should feel and love it, even share it with their friends…

In what do you believe? / most important on a shoot?
In nature we trust… That’s the motto of Let’s Boho.

As a kid what did you dream of becoming?
GI Jane! It didnt take me very long that what I was thinking was insane, the world didn’t need any more soldiers, but only more love 🙂

Do you have a dream project?
I’d like to be able to touch people spiritually. Sharing the joy of life is great, but one day I hope I can help people heal themselves, too. I have started Reiki training and I hope to become a Reiki master in the future.

What are your future plans for Let’s Boho?
I’d like Let’s Boho to become the bohemian brand of Istanbul. Both Istanbul and Anatolia have so much cultural and spiritual richness to offer, it’d be great to share their ancient stories and colours with Boho people of the world. Also, I believe people of Turkey could be more curious and open to remote cultures out there. I’d like to see the world as one big bohemian tribe and anything I can do to help for this to happen, I will 🙂

Thank you soooo much Sem for telling us a bit more about Let’s Boho and for being part of the Bohemian Diesel Marketplace!

You can shop Let’s Boho now on the marketplace.

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