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Behind the Labels – Bohemian Diesel Marketplace

Today I want to introduce another beautiful “Marketplace” label to you: Maya Gypsy!
I discovered Maya Gypsy a few months ago and I fell in love with their bags and their amazing instagram account straightaway!

Maya Gypsy supports local Guatemalan Mayan artisan workshops who specialise in creating one of a kind bags by using upcycled traditional Guatemalan textiles. These Mayan artisans already have their wholesale prices set which creates a fair trade environment. The artisans work for themselves, they are passionate about their craft and they are constantly innovating. Their creativity shines through in their unique and magical designs. When you purchase Maya Gypsy’s bags you’re not only helping create jobs in Guatemala but also helping create a brighter future for this beautiful country.

Check out the interview I did with beautiful Adriana from Maya Gypsy to learn more about this collaboration:

Who is behind Maya Gypsy? 

Maya Gypsy is a Guatemalan (Adri) / Australian (Luke) partnership both in business and in life. We live in the northern beaches of Sydney where Luke grew up. I grew up in Guatemala and I’ve been living in Sydney for about 7 years now. 

Tell us about Maya Gypsy and the Guatemalan Mayan artisan workshops you support!

Maya Gypsy has being a long time dream that was put on the back burner while I was chasing my dream of staying permanently in Australia. Shortly after accomplishing this dream and moving to Sydney I met Luke, we had the same passion for photography & other cultures, after sharing my dreams with him he felt as passionate as I did about the idea and we decided to start Maya Gypsy.

What is special about the designs you sell?

The designs we sell are created by Maya artisans, these Maya artisans are so talented and passionate about their creations, we believe their art should receive more exposure. Most of the designs we sell feature a traditional garment called Huipil used by Maya women. This garment is handwoven taking up to 3 months to complete!!! The colours and intricate details of this blouses make them a true work of art. 

What kind of women wears your designs?

 The type of women who is not interested in the fast fashion, they want to use/wear things with a soul and purpose, bohemian babes who are proud of their finds.

What inspires you?

Luke is inspired by indigenous cultures to him they are so important and fragile,  he believes that as a modern society we can still learn so much from them, and their unique art should be preserved and celebrated. 

I’m inspired by Guatemalan colours  and the friendliness of Guatemalan people. I love my home country and it plays such a big part of who I am. 

Do you have a dream project?

It’s still early days for Maya Gypsy but we dream with partnering with charities and projects that aim to relieve poverty in Guatemala. Our dream project is to split our time between Guatemala and Australia, to fund an art school and provide free creative workshops for people who wouldn’t be able to afford it. 

Have a look at more of Maya Gypsy’s beautiful bags on the Marketplace!!!

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