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Behind the Labels – Bohemian Diesel Marketplace

The instagram account of Rossio Roos was one of the first ones I followed! Oh, I’m absolutely obsessed with EVERY single piece founder Jennifer discovers and designs! Such a rad collection she has in her shop! Every piece they sell is a one of a kind unique treasure that has been designed, handmade and/or handpicked with love! I myself own a few Rossio Roos goodies and I wear at least one of them almost every day!!! So I’m super happy and over the moon that Rossio Roos is now also available on Bohemian Diesel Marketplace, yayyyy!!!!!

But before you do some shopping read the interview I did with the lovely Jennifer of Rossio Roos:

So who are you and where do you call home?

Jennifer Roos Founder & Designer of Rossio Roos We are based in the US.

Tell us about Rossio Roos.

Rossio Roos is a brand that takes you on a free-spirited journey around the world. We are dedicated to finding & designing beautiful, unique and eclectic global treasures. Rossio Roos offers a well edited collection of accessories for the eclectic free-spirited bohemian looking for pieces that will separate them from the mainstream. We are inspired by color, textiles, cultures from around the world and unique craftsmanship.

Where do you find the beautiful pieces you sell in your shop?

Most of the vintage pieces I find while traveling & roaming dusty markets. And the pieces I design are definitely inspired by my journey & experiences while traveling.

What is special about this pieces, why do you choose them?

It varies from piece to piece, but first before anything else it has to catch my eye & be unique.
We strive to find unique vintage & I have many clients that count on me for unique pieces. I am always inspired by the women who wear Rossio Roos when buying & designing.

What kind of women wear your jewelry?

Independent colorful ecelectic kind free spirited women that aren’t afraid to stand out & take the road less traveled.

In what do you believe?

Be Kind. Love yourself. Choose happiness.
How people treat you is their karma. How you react is yours.
Positive thoughts create a positive reality.

You can shop Rossio Ross’s amazing pieces on Bohemian Diesel Marketplace!!

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pics via rossioroos / wildbindi / disfunkshionmag