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 I´m totally in love with Australian based accessory label Sancia. I mean, how amazing are these leather bags!!? Sancia was born on the road, somewhere between the hot roads of Mexico and the Indian Ocean by Heidi Semetka & Angus Plate. I had the honour to ask them a few questions about their label which I want to share with you!

Who is behind SANCIA? And where do you call home?
Sancia is made up of creative duo, Heidi Semetka & Angus Plate.
We are currently living in the beautiful leafy suburb of Paddington, Sydney. The ocean at our doorstep.
However, soon to relocate. We spend a lot of time in Indonesia and plan to move there later this year.


How did you get into designing? do you have a background in you family?
We both come from creative families, and we were surrounded by creativity growing up. So it seems natural that we would move in a creative direction.
Both our parents brought us up with a keen appreciation for not only colour, art and creativity, but also gave us a unique insight into other cultures as we were both lucky enough to have spent a period of our childhoods living in Europe.
After both working in the creative industry for a number of years, we finally had the opportunity to work together on our own venture and Sancia is our lovechild.


Why leather?
In 2010 we were lucky enough to spend a couple of months travelling through Mexico. It was undoubtedly the cultural cradle flourishing in cities like Guanajuato and Oaxaca that served as the creative catalyst and launched the realisation of our love for leather.
Stretching across Mexico is a genuine appreciation for leather, which I assume is born from a shared cultural experience of the ‘Vaquero’ (cowboy). We were inspired by the use of thick ‘no nonsense’ heavy leather – beautified by intricate carving and weaving techniques. It was this material inspiration that pushed us to create pieces that not only looked beautiful but also smelt and felt beautiful! We wanted to create a brand of products that are clearly identifiable as leather, and which actually behave and age like traditional leather.
As we hand pick all of our skins to make each collection, we really focus on materials that reflect a traditional approach to construction, and a production process that gives us not only a beautiful finish but will also last our clients forever.


Who and what inspires you? 
Travel…. We draw a lot of inspiration from traditional artisan crafts and textiles from around the world.
Whether it be the vibrant colours of Mexico, beautiful weavings from the Middle East, or a hot European summer, exploring colourful cities & dipping in sparkling blue waters.
Colour ways, designs, and techniques have been drawn from these type of surroundings.
We are also influenced by the old and the new, and often take inspiration from vintage textiles, embroideries, laces, hand weavings and contemporary simplicity.


What is the best part of your job? 
Doing what we love. Travelling the world and meeting/ working with talented & creative people


Is there anything you don´t like about it?
No there isn’t anything we don’t like about, of course there are many challenges & hurdles to overcome.
Work/ life balance being one of them. Running your own business is a 24/7 job and keeping a balance is important.
Although I’m not complaining! I wouldn’t change it for the world.


What do you see in your future? do you have a dream project?
To continue our creative journey and see what amazing opportunities emerge through doing what we love.
Travel & more travel. We crave adventure…. South America, Morocco, North India, Italy, New York and The Pacific are all on the cards!


Thank you so much Heidi & Angus for letting us have a look behind your work and Sancia!

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