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Hey beautiful souls, I’m more than excited to introduce another gorgeous label to you today: S A Y A Designs
S A Y A Designs creates the most beautiful and unique handcrafted hair sticks, hair slides and hair forks from root wood salvaged from plantations in Indonesia. But to find out more read the interview we did withS A Y A creator Victoria below:

Who is behind S A Y A Designs? And where do you call home?

Currently its just me here in the U.K, my name is Victoria and I am 28 and the creator of S A Y A. I have set up camp for the time being in Oxford and working on S A Y A from a distance which I set up nearly one year ago. My background is in the arts and I moved out to Bali at the end of 2016 to work on an arts programme based in Ubud. This is where S A Y A Designs was born. I created the company out of a deep love of nature, a growing awareness of environmental issues, and a desire to create things with a real story to tell. In Bali I have two wonderful ladies called Fenny and Onet who are helping me manage the production and general things on the ground. I then of course have wonderful artisans who work on bringing my designs to life.

What gave you the push to create your own label?

I really fell in love with the nature and community in Bali and got so inspired but the amount of startups, co working spaces and environmental based businesses. Bigger world issue’s also hit home allot more here as they are more visible than through a screen in the U.K…. So that triggered allot of ideas and passion!

I wanted to set up a way I could find a consistent way I could create impact. I was reading allot about the circular business model and found it very solution orientated. I read Toxic Charity and found it really interesting how trying to do something good can create negative side affects. So it lead me to ask many questions, what is the real right way? I wanted to start an online business so I could take my work with me while I travel. I was also learning allot about illegal exportation of hard woods and I found it so hard to find out basic information and sustainable options. I learnt local councils and shipping companies can purposefully sign off documents. I was horrified and felt I opened up something way too big. Really S A Y A was about creating an open source platform for all I learnt, showing alternatives solutions and creating a way for people to participate with me. I had to create a product that was small, functional, and unique…. S A Y A is the start of a combination of many things and its only the beginning!

Tell us about SAYA and the artisans you work with and support!

Meet Wayan and Made: 

What are three words you would use to describe yourself?

Curious, Considerate & Creative.

What are three words you would use to describe the women that wears S A Y A?

Optimistic, Open Minded and Original.

Who and what inspires you?

I think above all nature inspires me the most and the magic it has to offer. Many things and people inspire me, the early courageous travellers and activists inspire me such as Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey who was an American Conservationist in 1966 who went out to live alone in the jungle to protect mountain gorillas. Artists like Georgia Okeefe and Barbora Hepworth whose organic forms I love, they inspire me artistically allot.

What are you most proud off?

I think so far in my short life, I am most proud of consciously following my gut instinct in my pursuits towards the road ahead and going with what I think is right.

What does “being free” mean to you?

Knowing your own mind and having the privilege to use it!

The mantras you live by…

Be like the wind..? I am pretty sure that is a mantra…. he he

Where will the next stamp on your passport be from?

I love collecting stamps! It could be France as I am going there with my family in the summer but if they don’t give me one, then it will be on my next trip to Bali!

Everyone should at least once in their life…

ecstatic dance!

Do you have a dream project?

Other that grow S A Y A, one I would love to pursue is a collaborative art space that I can work from and have great people around to share ideas with. I imagine it to be a place that incorporates lots of peoples passion projects and facilitates the process…..

What’s your vision for the future of your brand?

My vision for S A Y A is to create it into a relatively small online platform that has a variety of hand made products made from wasted natural materials that incorporate original designs and give back to the planet. I would love to build on my ideas, grow my team and do more for the planet. Until then each day is onwards and upwards one building with one brick at a time…

Thank you so much Victoria! We are absolutely in love with your wonderful label and so honored to have your gorgeous designs available on the Marketplace now! ♡

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