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Tavin Boutique
“Eaton Canyon 2” S/S 16 lookbook
photography Mercedes Esquivel
models Brielle Hubert & Molly Steele

 I´m totally in love with Los Angeles’ based vintage boutique Tavin. I mean, how amazing are the pieces Brielle & Molly are wearing in this beautiful latest lookbook!!?
Tavin is a colorful modern day gypsy caravan of a shop carrying well curated vintage clothing from Victorian era pieces through to present day, with most notably a strong collection of 1960s and 70s pieces. Tavin specializes in vintage bohemian and Gypset lifestyle clothing with an earthy bohemian and romantic vibe.
Gorgeous boutique owner Erin was so kind to answer a few questions about her and Tavin which I want to share with you:

How did you become interested in vintage clothing? Can you remember the first vintage find you got really excited about?

I had a career as an actress in NYC even as a kid and was always very very interested in the costume and clothing aspect of the plays  that I was in . I really got into to the dress up aspect and the different period clothing  I wore really  kind of blew me away from a very  early age . Also growing up in NYC I spent many  a time on my way to school on the way to the upper west side going in and out of thrift stores – so  I was hunting even as a young girl  all the time and  I definitely acquired  a very certain style at a early age –  my first year of college I only wore white – truly ever day!  its hard to believe!

Really how can you not be affected and informed by growing up in NYC in the village ? I went to studio 54 as a teenager with my dad  and dressing for things like that,  well …its kind of something you cant forget and being lucky enough to be surrounded by all of that  amazing style and scene in the city  – it really informed me –

 What women—literary, historical, or otherwise—would you imagine wearing pieces from the Tavin collection

I guess I  tend to think in moving pictures visually alot  so a few examples  of people that blow me away from a physical and fashion view point are   – Julie Christie wow!  Jene seberg in breathless come on you cant get better then that!  then the film  picnic at hanging rock was a  big influence for me- all those white dresses holy moly! !   – and  Mia farrow in all her youthful beauty and sweet lovely girlish  style –  fabulous!

I love nights of Cabria and Fellini’s lead actress Guilietta Masina and all of Fellini’s amazing woman – Anita Eckberg !  also love Jenea Moreau in films like Jules and Jim such easy  style – so french  !  striped shirts galore!

And all of Jane Campions films have had  a big visual influence  for me especially the film  An Angel at my table – alsoAnouk Aimee wow!  and Maria Schneider in last tango in Paris- I mean come on how can  you cant beat t that sexy easy  bohemian style ? Isabelle huppert in her early films such a beauty! Alli Mcgraw in Mcabe  n Mrs miller  and Brook Adams in Days of Heaven my god so very  beautiful! what a dream it would be to dress these woman and of course also Joni Mitchell perfect for my taste with Bohemian 60s  and then twiggy and Zelda Fitzgerald OK I better stop now cause the list is long! 

What was the last trip you took? Can you tell us about a meaningful souvenier

 The last trip i took was to Austen  and New Orleans a few weeks ago and I had never been there before  so it was a big wow!! 

I shopped in both places and when i say shop I mean like many  many  hours a day- and  I loved that I  stayed in an amazing cute  trailer on a chicken farm in east  Austen !  Basically Air  BNB   has saved me  and made my shopping trips fantastically interesting  esp as i tend to stay off the beaten path a bit –  for me shopping and travel is the very BEST  part as i get to live like the locals for a few days  and just dive right in –

 I  brought back tons of great clothing for the shop in this last trip –

going to different places keeps the shop quite eclectic- since everything is from different sources 

For me personally  I like to always  collect local books local authors photo books too when i travel  – and something  special from a local artist – i bought some amazing bells in new Orleans  they are  beautiful bright bells to hang outside my yurt – in  really special lovely  colors with different yarns and crochets- memorable 

I always get something for myself even if its small so i can recall how i felt in those places but I always keep too many clothing  pieces for myself Even if I try to be good but sometimes something just hits me and i have to own it for me 

I definitely  kept one of the best Victorian dresses Ive ever seen also on this last trip  soft cotton and  french lace – small tiny  dots  just super amazing  pale pale blue – but I seem to keep collecting blue dresses in various fades of blue – 

I also keep collecting old faded and beautiful kids clothing with great patterns with the softest cottons – they are just so pretty to look at but its  crazy of me ! silver and gold sparkle flats i seem to keep collecting too – ballet type clothing too seems to be becoming a collection –

its like when I shop ill know when I see it if its something that I have to personally own its like a sixth sense 

Are there any specific designers/styles that you are especially interested in (can you tell me more about the Afghani dresses – love those!)

The Afghan dresses are just stunning  and my friend and designer  brings them back for me from afghanistaan and then I choose among many for the shop – they are truly stunning  embroidered handiwork  and the colors are out of this world and the amazing thing  is how wearable they are !  – they look great and are comfy too – its a win win combination and it helps the woman in Afghanistan to earn a living as well so total  win win for all around –

In terms of designers it seems i gravitate towards French designers alot  like Agnes B – Sonya Rykiel or Cacherel  or  APC  –Isabel murant ( these days you cant help it- liking her  )

I love Biba also and Kenzo – my taste tends to be eclectic but their is a feeling and a look  that ties it all together like it a story I feel the need  to tell 

designers that are classic but modern and a  girly a bit  I love  – I  love soft and  worn  fabrics like old denim pieces too with history or a story  to tell  -a past   – I tend to love mixing these particular  designers with older pieces to make some kind of collage happening that just looks cool and very  modern 

and of course I  gravitate towards many pieces from the 60 and seventies that have a Gypset  Moroccan feeling as one can  strongly see  and feel when they come into the shop( its like Im imagining I live in a commune and this is what we will all wear) –

Is there anything that you personally collect and why? Are there any memorable pieces that were especially hard to part with?

I have trouble sleeping many nights thinking about pieces Ive sold really  truly i do but i have to remember its a business  –

I still think about this faded  Japanese  indigo blue dress with small little polka dots it must have been 100 years old but looked so current and i wanted to wear it in a field in the rain somewhere beautiful  BUT i sold it in a weak moment so i hope its incarnated to someone else with a dream it seemed like a  special kind of dream dress to me – I lose sleep over it and many other pieces too ! 

I collect certain pieces from the 60s that are truly too special to part with – they give me too much inspiration just looking at them i feel completely taken aback to Woodstock or Berkeley  in the sixties or a commune- these kinds of pieces i have a very  strong attraction to as well as faded cotton dresses in beautiful colors many pieces really do look like commune wear that I have a strong attraction to 

(I am also a photo  cards  and postcard collector) – i  have a really good collection from all over places i go to of   great photos and sayings that move me  and inspire me 

What are you looking forward to this summer?

skinny dipping in waterfalls, hot springs and chilling and reading and hammocks  in northern Cal  and  Oregon  and bookshops and the adventures and people. my husband and I meet along the way – that kind of traveling makes me feel in touch with myself  in a big big  way – in my heart I feel like a gal who can live in the woods  and wear the same thing every day and yet here i am in Los Angeles doing the big fashion thing but their are really two  of me wanting two very different things  so I try to merge these two people in my  clothing vision 

looking at the starry starry sky and making yummy  campfire meals 

covering miles and miles and seeing new things feeling  the sea and the sky .. BEING IN .NATURE 

these trips also inspire my vision of clothing – weather its a wild river or a field of green I am deeply  moved  and cant help but have it influence my work  

THEN  theirs also the TOTAL immersion in Shopping  when I travel in summer and  stopping at any store that looks like it could have some real  goodies  and revisiting favorites its such a treat! 

the feeling of  flushed excitement at what I will find and things that will blow me away to bring home its a treasure hunt really  and we cover lots of miles on that hunt and  I’m seriously  addicted to the HUNT for sure !  

Thank you so much Erin for letting us have a look behind Tavin!

You can check out and shop Tavin here or follow on facebook and instagram!



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