Wow we haven’t done this in a while!!! So it really is time to introduce another amazing artist to you.
The beautiful and talented Misha from Visions in Blue.
As soon as I stumbled over her Insta account we fell in love and knew we had to share this with you.
So I wrote her to ask if she would answer a few question about
her artwork, and she did. ?

So who are you and where do you call home?
I am a single individual who started this project during lock down from heart of India, New Delhi

What do you do?
Professionally I am a Fashion Designer , mother (of 2 legged and 4 legged ) and a 80’s enthusiastic

How did you get into art? do you have a background in your family?
I have been painting as long as I can remember . I remember when I was 12 years old looking at my potential my father hired a professional classical artist who taught me the nitty gritty of sketching and oil painting . And that became the medium of choice early on . Art runs in my family – My maternal gramma was also an artist she was a student of the Indian folk artist the late Sobha Singh ,

When and where do you feel most inspired?
First and foremost my motherland India – its full of inspiration be it in its local textiles , prints and pattern , burst of colors ! Print and pattern in the most mundane things ! (This looks repetitive)
My current inspiration comes from everything Bohemian – fashion editorials ,prints , interiors and music : synth pop and newwave from the 80’s . Stevie Nicks is my Goddess !

Drawing tool of your choice?
Current favourites are Gouache & Acrylic . I have recently started dabbling with Procreate . My background in design Photoshop knowledge has helped me with that.

What do you like about your work?
The freedom to work with colors & create something new and unique every day without boundaries.

Is there anything you don´t like about it?
Only that I can’t work uninterrupted especially when I start a project and am in the “zone “

What would you do without art?
It’s difficult to imagine life without art . But Probably something to do with animals – I would run an animal shelter – I have 2 rescued dogs of my own and take care of approx. 20 street dogs .

What keeps your fires burning?
The knowing that art gives infinite possibilities !

Your spirit animal?
Dog – the Indian pariah kind – tough & resilient !

Everyone should at least once in their life….
Fall in love – it helps to create a great playlist ;-P (ha ha)

Dream project ..
To do collaborations with the most prolific and creative Boho influencers

What are your future plans?
To be able to do my art full time , enough to sustain myself and probably move to Goa


Totally into everything she is doing!

Go and check out the wonderful world of Visions in Blue on Instagram!